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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Images from the 2017 Event

Model Car Minion has a video slide show on Youtube, click HERE
He also has presentations from our previous events!

The Hobby Centre has a Pinterest Board for the Ottawa Scale Auto Contest, click HERE

Monday, September 11, 2017

Results of the 2017 Ottawa Scale Auto Contest

Congrats to everyone!
Remember, our event is all about FUN. People vote for what they like, things that catch their eye or make them appreciate the effort put into a model. Think of it like art, it affects everyone differently...

Junior            Brandon Suqsiak    3 models
Junior            Students of Ken Nesbitt    4 Models
Junior            Justin Vanderquip    3 Models
Junior            Abigail Miller    1 Model
Junior            Jacob Hodgson    2  Models
Junior            Colton Conroy    3 Models

Out of Box
Bronze   Peter Hyland    Foose Caddy
Silver   Jenn Conroy    Monogram Hangman 
Gold    Edgar Villeneuve    1984 Ferrari 288 GTO

Factory Stock
Bronze   Eric Kopa    1973 Plymouth Roadrunner 
Silver    Daniel Lynch    1970 Mustang Mach I
Gold     Guillaume Cossette    1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

Bronze  Scott Conroy    1993 Chevy Monster Truck
Silver    Yann Picard    Rat-Rod Herbie the Love Bug
Gold      Ron Hutchison    1937 Ford Pickup Rat Rod

Racing Vehicle 
Bronze   Michael Gutland    Alfa Romeo 155 V6 DTM
Silver     Daniel Lynch    1970 Chevelle LMS Stock Car
Gold      Michael Gutland    Benetton B188

Light truck
Bronze   Daniel Lynch    1937 Ford Pickup Rat Rod
Silver     Steven Martin    Beverly Hillbillies
Gold      Daniel Lynch    1970 Renault 4

Big Truck   
Bronze  Nicholas Cheslock    Peterbilt Logger
Silver    Nicholas Cheslock    Peterbilt Float
Gold      Bernard Sheldrick    Cabover Kenworth w/Super “B” Trailers

Anything Else Automotive 
Bronze  Ron Hutchison    Hot Rod Hydro
Silver    Jenn Conroy    Da Vinci Self-Propelled Cart
Gold     Michael Gutland    Kawasaki H2-R

Best Diorama Automotive   
Jenn Conroy    Road Runner “Beep Beep”

Best Military Land   
Kevin Brant    1/35th Buffalo

Best Aircraft
Kevin Graham    P61 Black Widow

Best Boat or Ship
Jenn Conroy    “Cutty Sark”

Best Other Non-Automotive
Earl Atkins    Proteus Submarine

Best Non-Automotive Diorama
Kevin Brant    Eastern Defending Action Break

Best Gundam
Hans Landry    Zeta 2.0 Gundam

Master Class
Bernard Sheldrick    Autocar with Auxillary Trailer

Rookie of the Year
Jesse Baker    Barbatos Lupus Cannon

Best Paint 
Kevin Graham    P61 Black Widow

Best Engine
Guillaume Cossette    1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

People’s Choice 
Earl Atkins    F14D Super Tomcat from USS Constellation

Best “Cars in Songs”
Scott Conroy    1969 Dodge Charger “General Lee”

Best “Branded” Vehicle
Cliff Read    KIK Delivery Truck

Best “Gasser”
Steve Martin    1933 Willy’s Gasser

Bernard Sheldrick    Cabover Kenworth w/Super ”B” Trailers

Gary Gillis Memorial Award 
Dave Beamish