Saturday, September 22, 2018 at the Calvin Christian Reformed Church (1475 Merivale Road, Ottawa ON) from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


History & Goals

The Ottawa Scale Auto Contest (OSAC) came from a need in the local community to have an automotive themed contest in our region.

AMRO has a great show every year in Gatineau (Hull) but it was always felt there should be one in Ontario as well.

IPMS Capcon is another great local event, it is held every two years and while it has categories for automotive classes it is a more military themed event. 


Model Car contests have a long history in Ottawa. Back in the day, the Capital Auto Replica club (CAR) had an annual contest as part of the Autorama Car Shows at Landsdowne Park. These were judged contests and featured an awards presentation at the end of the show. There was no vending or flea market involved with this show.

Another show was held at the RA Centre for about 5 years. Ottawa Scale Auto Promotions was the group that operated that show which had a dealers' room as well. Budgetary constraints caused that show to dissolve nearly 20 years ago.

An interested group of car modelers decided the time was right to get something going again in Ottawa. The first 3 shows were held at the Civitan Hall in Almonte Ontario. It was felt we could get more facility for our dollar going outside of Ottawa and the hall was superb.

Our shows have been a success, but it was felt that there was no room to grow having the show there.
The 2nd event was held during a monsoon, the 3rd on a weather perfect September Sunday. the number of entrants and models was virtually the same so we concluded it was time to change the location.

The 4th Event, will be on a Saturday this year. We had originally planned for a Sunday, but the new facility does not allow for this (and a day off after a show may not be a bad thing).

It is on Merivale Road which is a major arterial road, very close to other arteries and the 417 as well as being very central to the whole Greater Ottawa area.

The goals of the show are:
  1. To provide a FUN environment to show and share our models,
  2. To encourage growth and participation in the hobby, and 
  3. To have a great vendors flea market with all kinds of models and specialty items for sale.

In order to put the emphasis on FUN, there is no judging. The modelers who entered vote for their favorites, so their peers make the picks. There is a Peoples' Choice award that is picked by non entrants for their favorite subject.


The Gary Gillis Memorial Award

Every year OSAC and the OMCG  ask participants to nominate and elect a worthy person for this special honour.
Gary was a car modeler in our group who lived in Almonte (he had input on the show's original location). He relocated to Moncton NB after being diagnosed with ALS.

I (Bill Chappell) was fortunate enough to visit him out there twice before he passed. As his body was failing him he was always trying to come up with new ways to keep building car models as he was so passionate about the hobby.

This award is in memory of him and is to recognize people in our hobby who are also as passionate about it that they overcome whatever obstacles life throws at them to persevere.

The winners so far are:
Bernard Sheldrick
Keith Baker
Chris Cheslock
David Beamish

We are sad to report that Keith Baker recently passed away. Keith was building models while in hospice car in a care facility.

 Gary Gillis
The permanent plaque is on display at The Hobby Centre.