Saturday, October 27, 2019 at the Holland Armoury (Gymnasium),2100 Walkley Road Ottawa ON) from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Classes are Updated

We finally got around to updating the classes we have for the 2019 Event.
We added a number of new ones, this will not affect the overall contest but will refine some of the classes you can enter and it generated more awards.

These are posted in the RULES page.

There is 1 theme this year The Summer of '69
Any type of vehicle, 1969 Model Year.

There is 1 judged model category for anyone that wants their model competing against others based on fit and finish. There are 3 awards in this category and there is no break down into sub categories. All will compete together and be judged on the modeler's skill.

We are planning some special classes for the 2020 Event.

1 idea is to register model(s) purchased at the 2019 event and entered into a class specially for those models only. They would have to be registered for intent to enter in 2010 event this at this year's contest.

Class : Models Purchased at Last Year's Contest (3 Awards)

Another idea is to have a Restoration Class. Models that were bought in bags, glue bombs, a model that has been assembled, partly assembled and/or painted and rebuilt and transformed into a contest worthy build. Again, they would have to be registered for intent to enter in 2010 event this at this year's contest.

Stay tuned for developments!

Thank you for supporting our Contest!

A Little about our Hosts

This year's event, located at a NEW LARGER venue!
Our thanks to the Holland Armoury on Walkley Road for allowing us to conduct this year's event in their facility.
Everything will be on ONE floor, there is plenty of parking and a large roll door for dealer access.

Food will be available for sale, a barbeque will be operating with proceeds going to the Ottawa Service Battalion Association

For google coordinates to the event click HERE.

Friday, April 12, 2019

New Location - New Date

New Dates - New Location

The 2019 Contest will be held at the Holland Armoury on Walkey Road.

It was originally booked for October 20, BUT HAS BEEN CHANGED TO OCTOBER 27

This facility should meet the increasing growth and space requirements of the show going forward.